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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

LEAKED PHOTO - The new Fiat 500X!

Here is a rather official looking image of the new and upcoming Fiat 500X SUV, which were leaked online recently, ahead of the official debut at next months Paris Motor Show. 

From what we can see, there is a resemblance to the popular Fiat 500, which includes a nice chrome bar-mounted badge, rounded headlights and matching fog lights. However this isn’t just a beefed up supermini, evident by the longer, flatter bonnet, rugged body cladding and gaping lower grille. 
As you can imagine, Fiat are not giving too much away just yet but what we do know is the 500X will be built alongside (and share underpinnings with) the Jeep Renegade, with both using the ‘Small Wide’ platform found on the current Fiat 500L.
Contact Concept Vehicle leasing for all your Fiat needs, call us on 0800 043 2050 and visit our vehicle leasing website

Monday, 15 September 2014

The new 2014 Ford S-MAX (Seven Seater) has been revealed!

A New seven-seater 2014 Ford S-MAX has been revealed ahead of its Paris Motor Show debut
Ford has revealed their brand new seven-seat S-MAX. The new face-lift version now features updates to engines variants and comes complete with premium features, a sportier design, chrome trapezoidal grille and sculpted headlights.
It will be the same size as the current Ford S-MAX, however it now boasts more practical features including power-folding seats for rows two and three, new airbags placed in the back rows of the car and a hands-free tailgate - allowing owners to wave their foot underneath the bumper to open the boot.
Safety has been boosted thanks to an increase in technology, including a new-generation active parking system, which can now drive in to perpendicular and parallel parking spots. This system can also help with reversing back out again by warning the driver of any crossing traffic. Other helpful safety options include: lane-keeping assist, blind spot monitoring and automatic braking.
We will need to wait until 2015 for the vehicle but by the sounds of it, it will be well worth the wait! 
For all your Ford requirements contact us today on 0800 043 2050 and visit our vehicle leasing website

Friday, 12 September 2014

REMINDER - The new Tax disc system and what you NEED to know!

Did you know the tax disc was first introduced in 1921? Well they were! Did you also know that on the 1st of October 2014 the tax disc will cease to exist in its current paper form, with a new styled electronic system replacing it. 
Under the new rules, which were announced in the Autumn of last year, vehicle owners will now have to register their car online in order to pay their road tax. The process is simple and involves using your Direct Debit on the DVLA website or by physically visiting a Post Office branch.
As the process of the tax disc changes so do the ways in which drivers can be caught out for not having paid tax. Now drivers can be caught out through number recognition cameras, which will track all vehicles on the road. This makes for a much more effective and efficient way of checking which vehicles are taxed (or not) and will ensure all drivers conform to the law. 
Those who don't register for the tax, will be caught out by number plate recognition cameras which track each vehicle on the road.
As you can imagine, the change will largely affect those buying or selling a used vehicle, as anyone who gets a used vehicle will no longer benefit if there are any months left on the tax disc as it will no longer be transferred with the car. Buyers will now need to renew their tax disc right away. 
The responsibility is not just with the buyer but the seller also. The seller of the old car will now need to inform the DVLA of the change of ownership, or face the possibility of a £1,000 fine. Vehicle sellers will get an automatic refund for any full calendar months left on the vehicle tax.
Make sure you are aware of the changes and inform other drivers you are associated with to ensure all drivers are informed of the new changes which lie ahead. 
Of course if you lease a vehicle with Concept Vehicle Leasing on Contract Hire, road tax will be included for the full duration of your contract - so you won't need to worry about the new regime.
If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Contract Hire, then call our experienced team today on 03331 50 2050 today.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

CONFIRMED! The sub- £7k Vauxhall Viva

Recently Concept Vehicle Leasing brought the news that the Vauxhall 'Viva' name was set to return to the UK for the first time in 35 years!  
It has been confirmed that the Viva will be released as a new sub-£7,000 city car and here is the first teaser image that Vauxhall have revealed. It is likely that Vauxhall Viva will be officially unveiled at the March 2015’s Geneva Motor Show. We look forward to finding out more details soon.
While the Vauxhall Adam is primarily focused on excellent style and design, the Viva will have a focus on space and comfort and will boast soft suspension and a refined, well packaged cabin.
Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for more news as and when we get it. 
**Come to Concept Vehicle Leasing for all your Vauxhall needs**

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Do you currently Lease? You MUST read this!

Inspect And Repair

What Is It?

Whether you currently own or lease your vehicle(s), you'll know that when it comes to disposal or return, any damage can have a significant impact on the resale (residual) value.
However, by proactively inspecting and repairing a vehicle prior to disposal or return, you can protect you and your business from unnecessary or unexpected cost and administrative burden.
Inspect and Repair from Concept Vehicle Leasing provides a simple and efficient way of inspecting vehicles to Fair Wear & Tear standards, with any repairs carried out at a fixed cost.

How Does It Work?
The process for using our Inspect and Repair service is simple.
Initial inspections can be arranged by contacting our Customer Services team who will arrange an appointment for our agent to attend your premises and carry out a full BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear inspection.

If any damage is found which falls outside of BVRLA standards, we'll provide a fixed cost estimate for your approval.  Then if required, we'll arrange for the vehicle to be uplifted, repaired and delivered back to you or the leasing company.

Key Features

  • Inspection - we'll quickly arrange for a vehicle inspection to be carried out by a trained agent, to BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear standards
  • Cost Effective - estimates for repair are provided in advance with all repair costs fixed regardless of time taken
  • Transparent - all work carried out in a transparent way with digital imaging available
  • Refurbish - combination of SMART repair and bodyshop repair available to help minimise cost
  • Technology - all work is carried out using the very latest technology and to the highest possible standard
  • Service - with Concept we'll deliver value along with service excellence
Why Concept Vehicle Leasing

  • Established, Experienced Leasing Provider with a reputation for impartial advice and Service Excellence
  • All Makes & Models (Cars and Commercials)
  • Direct funding from major Banks and Leasing Companies, assuring you of the Best rates
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • UK Nationwide Service Provision
  • BVRLA Accredited Member

Friday, 5 September 2014

Company car choice of the day - Lexus IS 300h SE 4dr Saloon

There are a few things each company car could really benefit from having, including zero/ low emissions, automatic gearbox (obviously drivers preference but does make for a smoother driver with less effort required), air conditioning and good fuel economy. These small points make for a more luxurious drive and offer some great money saving benefits. 

One such vehicle that offers the above is the superb Lexus IS 300h SE 4dr Saloon CVT Auto. now available from only £329.49+VAT (£395.39 inc VAT) p/m over 48m.  

Economy and potential savings
The IS300h features Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain enabling a fuel economy as strong as 65.7 mpg and emissions as low as 99g/km CO2. The hybrid drivetrain ensures maintenance costs are low, meaning savings for the driver/ company in the long run. 
There is no clutch on this vehicle; the alternator and starter motor have been integrated into the hybrid system, eliminating the need for servicing or replacement of these items during the vehicle’s lifetime. Instead of a timing belt the IS300h uses a maintenance-free timing chain. All of this, again, leads to reduced maintenance costs, saving you money. 
Another thing that will save you money through the Lexus' Hybrid Drive is a reduction in brake and tyre wear. This is due to the system’s regenerative braking which delivers the initial braking force, reducing the wear on pads and discs dramatically.
The tyre pressure on the IS is 20% higher, helping to reduce shoulder wear while weight distribution is balanced, meaning less wear on the front tyre treads.
Thanks to a sub 100g/km CO2 emissions the IS 300h now has low BiK charges and no annual road tax to be paid, which is brilliant. Also low benefit-in-kind company car tax rates mean a 40% tax payer will pay around £923 a year less than the driver of a new Audi A4 for example, over the first three years of their ownership. Not to mention savings in fuel, insurance and repairs. 

Economy is fantastic and this really is an important factor for considering this vehicle. 
A four-cylinder 2.5-litre engine with an electric motor means it lacks the strong mid-range torque of turbocharged four-cylinder. This results in a slow feel unless you are heavy on the accelerator. 

Ride and Handling 

The IS300h gets conventional springs and dampers as a factory fit, helping to resists body roll and generally offers an overall comfortable ride. 

Quality and reliability 

The first thing you will notice is the cabin and its materials looking less than appealing, however it is still a well put together interior. Overall Lexus have managed to be consistent when it comes to customer satisfaction so based on experience you shouldn’t need to make any unscheduled trips to the dealer, which is a bonus! 

Safety and Security

The IS300h has eight airbags, stability control and a safety bonnet, which pops up in the event of a collision with a pedestrian, which helps to cushion the impact and reduce injury. 
The Range-topping Premier models will also warn drivers if there is a vehicle in the blind spot, which is a brilliant feature. 


Dual-zone climate control, cruise control, Bluetooth and a digital radio are all present as well as having lower CO2 emissions than competitors.

Order you BRAND NEW Lexus IS300h SE from Concept Vehicle Leasing today by calling us on 0800 043 2050 and visit our vehicle leasing website

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Fantastic Client Case Study - 'Everyware Global'

Concept’s Small Fleet Management In Action At Expanding Everyware Global

"We have no dedicated resource to manage our fleet and need to focus our own efforts on managing our business."

One client who is only too happy to endorse the small fleet management services of Concept Vehicle Leasing is Mark Scott, Finance Director of Everyware Global – one of the world’s leading designers and sellers of tabletop and food preparation products for the consumer and food service markets. With an ageing fleet of vehicles and rising costs, Mark contacted Concept Vehicle Leasing in August 2010 with a view to outsourcing Everyware Global’s small fleet management, whilst arranging the disposal of its existing fleet. As Mark Scott remembers;
“We wanted a one-stop solution to our fleet management needs, with the flexibility to meet the requirements of a small but growing fleet.

CONCEPT Vehicle Leasing doesn’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach to vehicle leasing and management, or so it says on its website. An easy claim to make, but much harder to deliver in reality.  But ten years in the business and a string of satisfied clients suggests that Concept Vehicle Leasing has the strength to deliver on its promise.
From its offices in Surbiton, Surrey, the multi-award winning Concept Vehicle Leasing has grown steadily to become one of the most respected businesses in the sector. Indeed, the company was recently awarded the prestigious Best Small Fleet Leasing Company for up to 250 vehicle sales in the inaugural Small Fleet Leasing Awards 2013.
“We have no dedicated resource to manage our fleet and need to focus our own efforts on managing our business. Paul Bulloch – Concept’s managing director – worked with us to put together a full turn-key solution to all our fleet needs.”
Today, Everyware Global calls upon Concept Vehicle Leasing’s full range of services, including short term business car leasing deals for new starters on probationary periods and daily rentals to cover specific needs and requirements. In addition, Everyware Global takes advantage of Concept Vehicle Leasing’s dedicated single point of contact, which includes a 24/7/365 accident and emergency free helpline.
"We’ve had many changes that have resulted in the fleet doubling in size and Concept has dealt with this changing need very well."
Such dedicated support and expertise is clearly important to Mark Scott, who said;
“We wanted a provider who could support us by providing fleet management services that were customised to the needs of our business.”
Everyware Global’s fleet of vehicles has grown from 13 to 24, with Concept working hard to secure the best prices for Mark and the best trim levels for his drivers. The vehicles – which include Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Vauxhall and Volkswagen – tend to cover up to 30,000 miles per annum, with contracts based on full service, maintenance and repair packages.
Concept worked with Mark to implement a policy framework on the basis of specific grades for employees, with budgets enabling them to select cars on a ‘user-chooser’ basis. Upon delivery of a new car, Concept arranges for old cars to be picked up and disposed of at auction.
Three years on from an initial fact-finding mission, Mark Scott is delighted with the results;
“We are very happy with the service provided by the whole Concept team. Paul has always been very proactive in understanding and delivering on our needs. We’ve had many changes in our business that have resulted in the fleet doubling in size and Concept has dealt with this changing need very well and has provided a seamless service.”

Monday, 1 September 2014

Kia Sorento 2015 model! The Spec, the Tech and the Rest!

The new Kia Sorento will be going on sale in 2015 and to generate excitement Kia has released their first official details on the new SUV, which we debut at the Paris Motor Show.

Kia have been discussing how quiet, strong and refined the new Sorento is compared to the current Kia Sorento, as well as promising us a plusher, more refined new cabin space.

The rigidity of the new Sorento is expected to be around 14% stronger thanks to Kia doubling the volume of high-strength steel used compared to that of the current model. This means the suspension mounts will contribute to a smoother, quieter ride, as well as being a true contender of the Volvo XC90 in regards to safety. 

It is not just the Volvo XC90 that Kia have in their sights but also Hyundai's Santa Fe and Ford's Edge thanks to their decision to add Active cruise control, lane-departure, blind spot and front collision warning assist plus speed limit recognition on the new Sorento.  

All models now have a 29% thicker dashboard, which will help shut out noise, plus the engine mounts have been reduced to help reduce vibrations. Five engines will be available globally, but the most popular is likely to be the 2.2-litre turbodiesel with UK drivers.
Driving dynamics
To improve on the current Sorento’s driving dynamics, Kia has moved the electric power steering system motor onto the steering rack rather than the steering column. This is a process that other manufacturers have already started switching to, as it helps to reduce steering kickback while making electric power assistance feel much more natural in its feedback. 
The suspension’s shock absorbers have also been modified by being mounted vertically, giving greater body control and an improved resistance to body roll - something a lot of SUV's and 4*4 suffer from.

There is going to be a lot of equipment on the new Sorento, including an automatic electric tailgate (which ‘knows’ to open as you approach the car with the key) and a brilliant 360-degree view parking monitor to name a few extras.
Interior practicality
The new sleeker 7-seater design has had some improvements, gaining 95mm in length, with most of that growth contained within a wheelbase that is 80mm up. This will produce more space for all occupants over three rows of seating. The car will now be 15mm lower than the previous model, with the overall height down to just 1,685mm.
When it comes to visuals, buyers and car leasing enthusiasts alike all fancy nice, clean looking vehicles. The new Kia Sorento takes its visual design from the Kia Cross GT concept car from the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. With its elongated bonnet, wide D-pillars, enlarged grille and sweeping back headlamps that, the overall design is a very dynamic looking vehicle. Well done Kia! We look forward to being able to provide competitive quotes to our personal leasing and business leasing clients. 

Contact us today for all your Kia needs, on 0800 043 2050 and visit our car leasing website

Friday, 29 August 2014

The all-new BMW 7 Series has been spotted in heavy camouflage

Spy photographers have once again snapped some great photos of the much-anticipated next-generation BMW 7 Series, still heavily camouflaged!

Despite the heavy camouflage disguise the prototype doesn’t appear much different from the current model’s wheelbase and profile. We do expect the new 7 Series to get a heavily revised, lightweight platform by the end however.
The front looks more revealing and more compact with a streamlined overall look, which will include slimmer headlights and redesigned kidney grilles. It is clear to see that reducing the weight has been on BMW's mind, evident through the tester car having a slightly shorter rear overhang and a more tapered roofline.
Engine-wise we can expect there to be an updated range of turbocharged petrol and diesel variants, which will include some form of the range-topping V12 and a plug-in hybrid variant in the pipeline too.
Latest in-car technology will be kitted on the new BMW 7 Series to help it compete with the Mercedes S-Class. The technology should also include new active and passive safety systems, iDrive infotainment system and enhanced connectivity. 
Visit our vehicle leasing website for more information on the current BMW 7 Series offers. 
For all your BMW needs, come to Concept Vehicle Leasing!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Top 10 reasons to Lease a Car

Top 10 reasons to Lease a Car
When leasing a car you agree to a long term- rental contract to exclusively drive a car at a fixed monthly price for a set period.
Leasing a car with Concept Vehicle leasing comes with an array of advantages so let’s discuss the benefits.

Essential Accident Assist
At Concept Vehicle Leasing, we can provide you with our valuable product, Essential Accident Assist. If you’re involved in a road traffic accident that isn’t your fault we can organise repairs, interacting with your insurer and help keep you mobile. No stress, no worries, just sit back and relax. Contact us for more details about this additional service.

No depreciation
Billionaire oil tycoon Paul Getty famously said “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” This quote bluntly summarises one of the main arguments against purchasing a car. As soon as you drive your car from a dealership it loses value; however, when leasing a car you don’t need to concern yourself with depreciation since you only have the right to use the car for a set period, in other words, you don’t technically own the car.
 In fact, a car can depreciate as much as 40% in the first year of ownership, that’s a huge chunk of money down the drain!

Hassle Free Motoring
Leasing a car with Concept Vehicle Leasing is designed to be hassle free.  You’ll benefit from a Dedicated Account Manager who will help you through the process from start to finish, supported by an experienced, award winning Customer Services team.  We also provide clients with a 24/7/365 helpline, which supports customers in the event of a breakdown, an accident, broken glass or replacing a tyre.  It couldn’t be easier to lease a car than with Concept.

Cheaper monthly payments
Monthly payments can be significantly lower than financing the total cost of a brand new car. You’ll have money left over to spend it however you like!

Fixed price payments
Contract Hire, Finance Lease , and Contract Purchase are set up in a way that ensures you only pay a fixed monthly fee throughout your entire contract. This helps you to budget accordingly from start to finish.

Manufacturer Warranty
When you lease a new car you have the benefit of knowing the manufactures warranty is fresh and new, ensuring that any major problems throughout your lease agreement will usually be covered by the manufacturer. Here at Concept Vehicle Leasing we also try to ensure our drivers are not stung by any repair fees and have maintenance packages, such as our ServicePlan on Demand, with a number of services to help you keep costs of repairs down should they arise.

When you buy a car you have to worry about the long term durability and reliability. When leasing a car, you have none of those concerns what so ever. Worries such as rust and general wear and tear aren’t a concern when leasing since they occur later in the vehicles life.
You can have a new car every few years
The euphoria of buying a new car is great. You feel on top of the world and you can’t wait to show it off to all your friends; however, it can be incredibly frustrating when this new car you only purchased a little while ago is replaced by a shinier, faster and superior model. Leasing is the perfect means to ensure you have access to a newer and superior car every few years. It’s also great for businesses. Turning up with a new car for client meetings will leave a lasting impression and for businesses with a fleet, obtaining cars that are leased will help ensure regulations for duty of care and regulations for safety are more likely to be met.

Low initial payment
At Concept Vehicle leasing, you only have to pay a low initial payment, which would usually be much lower than the cost of a deposit/ initial payment when purchasing a new car.

Tax deductions
Another great benefit if you own a business is that vehicle leasing is VAT efficient and you may be able to recover 100% VAT on Commercial vehicles and up to 50% VAT recoverable on car leasing finance payments. Business users can also recover up to 100% tax relief with cars which have CO2 of up to 130g/km.  A wide range of popular cars fall within this scope, including models from the Ford, Vauxhall, SEAT, BMW, Mercedes and Audi ranges to name but a few.

For more information on leasing or if you have any queries please visit our website, email as at or call us on 0800 043 2050

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