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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Great Lease Deals: Sit back and enjoy your motoring

Have you enjoyed your driving this summer? In order to make your driving more fun and enjoyable, we've put together a list of some of our favourite cars to make your driving experience better, as after all, when looking for a lease car, you want to find something that is comfortable, cool and stylish, all at an affordable price.

This time of year is usually a very busy time for businesses as they host events and everyone is out and about. This can mean that you are out on the road and driving more than usual. For that reason, you want to ensure you are in a car that provides everything you need, from air conditioning to keep cool to a great sound system for your entertainment.

To help, we have put together a list of some of the best lease deals available at Concept Vehicle Leasing this year to help you with your choice.

BMW 1-Series 116D
£229.99 + VAT per month (£275.99 per month)

The BMW 1 Series - high levels of performance and efficiency that, even on paper, leave its competitors behind.

Mercedes E-Class Saloon E220 CDi SE 4dr Auto
£284.99 + VAT per month (£341.39 per month)

Dramatic styling and unprecedented levels of technology providing both power and efficiency in abundance.

Smart Forfour 1.0 Passion 5dr
£152.49 + VAT per month (£182.99 per month)

The Smart Forfour - innovative and practical and full of possibilities - perfect for the city.

Ford Ecosport 1.5 Zetec 5dr
£139.49 + VAT per month (£167.39 per month)

The Ford Ecosport - the new Urban SUV delivering an exciting drive. Ready to take you anywhere.

Seat Leon 2.0 TDi FR 184ps 5dr
£199.99 + VAT per month (£239.99 per month)

Incredible driving wherever the road takes you. Everything you'll want in a car.

As you can see we have a wide range of reliable and comfortable vehicles to not only get you to where you need to be, but to get you there in style. We would recommend these lease deals to anyone looking for a vehicle that will be an enjoyable drive and very attractive and eye catching.

We have plenty of other great lease offers available to on our website, or you can contact us today to find a deal that suits your needs.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Is a short term car lease right for your business?

You could soon be hitting the road with a Short Term Business Lease

Deciding which lease type is right for your business can be a difficult task. With so many options available to you, how can you possibly know which would be the most effective? At Concept Vehicle Leasing, we can discuss your businesses specific needs and find the right lease for you and for many businesses, a short term car lease is ideal.

Our short term car leases allow you to commit to as little as a 30 day contractual agreement which really takes the pressure off. We have a wide range of vehicles available for you to choose from; all you need to do is open an account with us, wait for it to be approved and you’ll be on your way to your first lease! If you’re still undecided on whether a short term car lease is right for your business, here are a few questions you may want to answer first.

Does your business require flexibility?

In business, change is common and usually necessary for the businesses own development. This can mean that your requirements change too. A short term lease enables you to make regular changes, whether that be leasing more cars in a short space of time or removing vehicles from your fleet. We are able to get a vehicle to most locations within 7 days which can be extremely helpful for flexible businesses.

Do you need a reliable service to save you time?

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate and will need a reliable lease that saves you time and hassle. At Concept Vehicle Leasing, we provide you with an account manager who handles everything for you. You will also have breakdown assistance and recovery if any unforeseen complications were to arise.

Does your business require several vehicles for different employees?

If several of your employees require a vehicle, you may want to consider a short term car lease for new employees who are still on their probation period. That way, if things weren’t to work out with the employee, you wouldn’t be tied in to a long term contract for a car that isn’t needed.

Do you want to be able to choose from a wide range of vehicles?

Depending on your business, you may have a specific type/brand of vehicle in mind. Perhaps you need a vehicle for frequent, short journeys. Maybe you need a vehicle for longer journeys or you might even want eye catching vehicles that will get you noticed.

At Concept Vehicle Leasing, we have a range of over 600 vehicles for you to choose from, so you are guaranteed to find what you need. Choosing a short term lease will allow you to switch vehicles regularly, depending on your requirements.

We have access to a range of over 600 vehicles throughout the UK, which include small and medium hatchbacks, Hybrid / Electric vehicles, small commercials and executive / luxury vehicles with options starting at just £225 + VAT per 28 days.

Take a look at some short term leasing examples below:

Typical P11D
Periods (x 28 Days) (All Rates are Excluding VAT)
Nissan Note
Mini Cooper
Peugeot 308
BMW 1-Series
BMW 3-Series M Sport GT (Auto)
VW Tiguan
BMW i3

Do you need a specialist vehicle?

At some point, your business may require a specialist vehicle to get the job done. Perhaps you are hosting an event and you need a refrigerated van? Whatever the reason, Concept Vehicle Leasing have a solution. You can hire our specialist vehicles for as little at 1 day, making it an extremely convenient and attractive offer.

Take a look at some short term leasing examples below:

Typical P11D
Periods (x 28 Days) (All Rates are Excluding VAT)
Peugeot Partner

A short term car lease offers many benefits for your business. It provides a flexible option and means that your money is not tied up in what may be a depreciating asset.

If you still feel unsure of whether it is right for you or not, feel free to get in touch with our team who are always happy to help guide you through the process and help you make a decision that will benefit you.

Monday, 22 June 2015

The All New BMW 7-Series - The Savoy Of Cars!

With the new 2016 BMW 7-Series, BMW has redefined what an exclusive, luxurious driving experience looks like in contemporary, pioneering form.

Ground breaking technologies in the areas of lightweight design, powertrains, chassis, operating systems, intelligent connectivity and interior ambience underline its mission to bring together unbeatable driving pleasure and long distance comfort in a luxury Saloon.

Key factors in enhancing dynamics, efficiency, comfort and safety while on the move are the use of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the body structure, engines from the BMW Group's new generation of power units, the plug-in hybrid system in the new BMW 740e, the Executive Drive Pro-active chassis system, the Driving Experience Control switch with Adaptive mode and BMW Laserlight.

Maximising well-being in the rear of the vehicle are the Executive Lounge feature with massage function and Vitality Programme, the Sky Lounge Panorama glass roof, the Welcome Light Carpet, the Ambient highlight and a Smartphone holder with wireless charging station.

Standout innovations in operating system and driver assistance technology include the extension of the iDrive system to include a touch display and BMW Gesture control, ensuring those nights spent playing on your Nintendo Wii didn’t go to waste, as well as Touch Command for those not wanting to flail their arms around whilst in traffic.

The new BMW Head-Up Display (HUD) which is 75% bigger than its predecessor’s HUD and features amazing new graphics. Real-time navigation and speed limit information will now be displayed on the HUD.

Crossing traffic warning, the Steering and Lane control assistant, Active side collision protection, Surround View with 3D View and the Remote Control Parking system.

The design of the new BMW 7-Series showcases the car’s character. Harmonious proportions, a strongly controlled surface design and precise lines point to the stylistic confidence, assured dynamics and exclusive elegance at work here.

The optimised balance of driving pleasure and long-distance comfort finds clear expression in the unmistakable aura of the luxury saloon, which is available in both standard and long wheelbase variants.

Characteristic features of the interior include generous levels of space, the driver-focused cockpit design, the fusion of exquisite materials and precision craftsmanship and the sophisticated functionality of the control and display elements.

The M Sport package, the design Pure Excellence package and a BMW Individual Design Composition will be available for the new BMW 7-Series from launch.

They underline the car’s dynamic ability, exclusive elegance and luxurious ambience to great effect, and satisfy the diverse expectations of customers around the world.

BMW EfficientLightweight helps to reduce the weight of the new BMW 7-Series models by up to 130 kg compared to their previous generation counterparts. At the centre of it all is the body structure with Carbon Core, which was developed for the BMW i8 and i3.

The new BMW 7-Series is the first car in its sector in which industrially manufactured CFRP combines with steel and aluminium. The intelligent body concept uses this mixed-materials approach to increase the strength and rigidity of the car while at the same time significantly reducing vehicle weight.

The new BMW 7-Series is available with an extensively updated V8 engine and 6-cylinder variants from BMW's latest generation of power units. All the engines link up as standard with the 8-speed Steptronic transmission. The BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system, which can be specified as an option, also operates more effectively than ever.

Additionally, the new 7-Series will be launched with the choice of two engines, the 730d and the 740i.

The first 3.0L diesel engine can achieve 0-62 mph in only 5.28 seconds. While the 740i petrol engine produces 321 Bhp and beats the previous engine in acceleration by 0.3 seconds.

A plug-in Hybrid version will be available shortly after the 7-Series’ launch and will be powered by a 2.0L Turbo Charged 4 Cylinder engine via an Electric motor.

In the new BMW 7-Series the iDrive operating system's monitor comes in touch display form for the first time. This means customers will also be able to operate the system in the same way as modern electronic devices.

In addition to using the Controller to control the system in familiar style, its functions can also be selected and activated by touching the screen's surface.

Another new addition to the iDrive system's functionality is BMW gesture control, which is being introduced for the first time. Hand movements detected by a 3D sensor control infotainment functions in an extremely intuitive and user-friendly fashion.

The gestures can be used for a number of functions, including controlling the volume in audio applications and accepting or rejecting incoming phone calls. There is also the option of pairing a specific gesture with an individual choice of function.

Also joining the fray is a new smartphone holder integrated into the centre console, which allows wireless, inductive charging for mobile phones for the first time in a car.

The BMW 750Li xDrive, BMW 740Li, BMW 730Ld and BMW 730Ld xDrive models specified with the optional Executive Lounge, which redefines personal well-being in a luxury car, offer levels of comfort a class apart.

This equipment package includes Automatic Air-conditioning with 4-Zone Control, Electrically adjustable Comfort seats with Massage function in the rear and Active seat Ventilation for all seats, plus the optional Executive Lounge Seating, Executive Lounge Rear console and Rear-seat Entertainment Experience with BMW Touch Command.

The massage function now also includes the Vitality Programme, which allows rear passengers to engage in active physical exercise for recuperation purposes.

The Executive Lounge Seating option increases comfort in the rear seat behind the front passenger seat, which can slide forward by an additional 90mm and has an electrically extendable footrest integrated into its backrest.

The rear passenger can unwind into an extremely relaxing position thanks to a backrest which can recline impressively close to the horizontal position.

The Executive Lounge Rear console houses a fold-out table, additional cupholders and the Touch Command system. 

This removable 7in Tablet allows the user to control the infotainment and comfort functions available in the rear of the new BMW 7-Series and can also be used to play back external audio and video files, as a games console or to surf the internet. 

In total there are 24 features you can control with the BMW Touch Command tablet. Passengers in the back can also enjoy video streaming over the car’s Wi-Fi hot spot on two 10in screens in the headrests. You will never want to leave the car again.

The exclusive ambience inside the new BMW 7-Series is also enhanced by a precisely arranged lighting design.

The Ambient light option now includes the Welcome Light Carpet, which provides eye-catching illumination of the area around the car doors.

Another unique feature is the Ambient highlight for the long-wheelbase versions of the new BMW 7-Series, which bathes the rear compartment in an atmospheric light from light sources positioned vertically on the B-pillars.

Long-wheelbase versions of the new BMW 7-Series will also be available with the Sky Lounge Panorama glass roof, which is likewise one of a kind in the luxury saloon segment.

When it gets dark, the light emitted from side-mounted LED modules is directed evenly on to the glass surface, where it hits an imprinted graphic. This creates an atmospheric motif mimicking a starry sky.

Another option customers can select is the Ambient Air package, which ionises the air and generates a selection of eight aromas.

Outstanding sound quality, meanwhile, is the speciality of the likewise newly developed Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system, which has been specifically tuned to the interior of the new BMW 7-Series.

The new BMW 7-Series is the world's first series-produced car that owners will be able to manoeuvre in or out of forward-parking spaces or garages without anyone at the wheel. 

As such, the Remote Control Parking option allows drivers to access tight parking spaces with ease. The driver initiates the car's progress forwards into or in reverse out of a space using the newly developed BMW Display Key. While the car is carrying out the semi-automated manoeuvre, the driver watches out for obstacles.

Another new feature is BMW Laserlight, taken from the BMW i8. Thanks to BMW Selective Beam, this is dazzle-free and can be specified for the new BMW 7-Series as an alternative to the standard full-LED headlights.

The laser headlights generate a particularly bright, pure white light as well as providing a high-beam range of 600 metres, double that of the LED headlights. 

Even if you are on winding roads Laserlight has can adapt, ‘Curve light’ adjusts the headlights to position in the way the road bends, improving visibility throughout.

The Steering and lane control assistant, Lane keeping assistant with active side collision protection, Rear collision prevention and Crossing traffic warning functions have been added to the Driving Assistant Plus system.

Meanwhile, the Traffic jam assistant - which involves semi-automated driving - can be used on any type of road and the Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function now only requires drivers to press a button to incorporate speed restrictions detected by the Speed Limit Info function.

The new generation of the Surround View system now also includes a 3D View and Panorama Side View option in the Control Display.

The controls on the centre console are - like the interior trim strip - framed by fine wood or aluminium surfaces. Both the trim strips and the instrument panel's chrome surrounds which border them are made individually for each car.

The standard and optional equipment items designed to create a luxurious sense of well-being in the rear of the new BMW 7-Series are marked out by carefully selected materials and build quality defined by precision craftsmanship. 

Customers can choose from five colour variants for the standard Dakota leather upholstery, while the optional Exclusive Nappa leather is available in a selection of six colours.

Design and equipment packages available from the launch of the new BMW 7-Series underline the car's extra sportiness and luxurious comfort to particularly striking effect.

The eye-catching and exclusive appearance of the new BMW 7-Series is further enhanced by the Pure Excellence pack, which is available separately for both the exterior and the interior. The exterior appearance is lifted another notch by an additional chrome strip above the front foglights.

This feature is joined by matte black painted brake callipers and a chrome strip for the rear apron, which frames the exhaust tailpipe surrounds and connects them together.

An Alcantara headliner, door sill plates in Fine Brushed Aluminium, precise decorative stitching in the lower section of the instrument panel, and fine wood inlays for the seat belt outlet covers, armrest and roof grab handles in the rear, bring an inviting and sophisticated aura to the interior.

The M Sport pack enables customers to experience the dynamic driving properties of the new BMW 7-Series in even greater depth and also ensures these attributes enjoy clear visual expression.

This option includes an M aerodynamic pack comprising model-specific front/rear aprons and side skirts, plus 19in M Twin Spoke light-alloy wheels, matt black painted brake callipers, illuminated door sill plates bearing the M logo and accents in either light or dark chrome.

M-specific details also underline the sporting character of the new BMW 7-Series in the interior. These include the BMW Individual headliner in Anthracite and the M driver's footrest, as well as comfort seats in Dakota leather with M-specific piping, the optional Ambient light and Fineline black fine wood interior trim strips with high-gloss metal effect.

The active air flap control system, with adjustable bars in the BMW kidney grille that is being fitted for the first time, aids engine cooling in line with requirements in innovative fashion.

Whenever more cooling air is required, the additional bars automatically swing open. This combines with the flaps in the lower air intake to allow the supply of air for cooling the engine and brakes to be adjusted in a total of five stages as demands dictate.

During the warming up phase and when operating at low loads, the BMW kidney grille is closed completely to reduce air drag at the front of the vehicle.

All in all, this is a very impressive car! We can’t wait for the launch!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Top 5 Brands of Tyre Available in the UK

Globally just three tyre companies lead the market (Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone) but in the UK, two other tyre brands have managed to muscle in alongside the big boys - Pirelli and Continental. 

Of course there are plenty of other tyre brands available such as Avon Tyres but these five are the top selling brands, so let's look at the differences between them.

Michelin Tyres

We're all familiar with the now iconic Tyre Man which is the enduring symbol of Michelin tyres. The French owned company is one of the world's largest tyre makers and possibly makes some of the most expensive tyres, but are they worth the money?

Michelin tyres have an excellent reputation and perform well in both dry and wet conditions. 

The company also like to think of their tyres as being "green tyres" so they help to economise fuel and cut down on noise pollution.

Michelin have a variety of tyres to choose from ranging from Michelin Energy Saver to Michelin Pilot Sport 3. They also own BF Goodrich and economy tyres such as Kleber and Riken.

Goodyear Dunlop

Goodyear bought Dunlop Tyres to become Goodyear Dunlop. They are the most successful tyre supplier to Formula One and attribute technological advancement as the key to their success.

Goodyear tyres are widely available but are also quite expensive - you get what you pay for however. If you can't quite stretch to Goodyear tyres then they also own economy brands Fulda, Kelly and Sava.

Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli are Italian owned and are again at the top end of the price range for tyres. It specialises in run flat tyre technology for all-weather tyres and always scores good in reliability and performance. It supplies tyres for the British and World Superbike Championship.

Bridgestone Tyres

According to The Telegraph, one out of every five tyres is a Bridgestone tyre. The Japanese firm scores well for technological innovation but tyres tend to perform better in dry conditions. Bridgestone also owns Firestone tyres.

Continental Tyres

This German owned company comes fourth in the world tyre market and is famous for high quality tyres, particularly winter tyres. It's most well-known tyres are the Mud and Snow Tyre (M+S) and ContiSportContant Vmax which was the first tyre approved for speeds over 360km/h.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Brilliant Tips to Save on Your Next MOT

The best way to save on an MOT is to make sure you pass. Obviously but there are other ways to save on an MOT. These are the trade secrets that most MOT garages don't want you to know about, so make sure you keep these under your hat...

So, with the news that 1 in 5 cars fail their first MOT many drivers lose out on their MOT fee and end up having to pay for a retest, here are our top tips so that you pass first time:

Timing is Crucial

From when your car is three years old you will need an MOT test every year. If you manage to book your car in just one month before the current one runs out then the new certificate will expire a year from your current certificate's end date but book it in too early then it will end exactly a year later, losing you a month or more.

Give Your Car a Service

Most common fails are down to faulty lighting, signalling, tyres, headlight aim, etc. So it pays to check that the obvious things are working, that tyres are correctly inflated and in good condition, etc. It would really sting to have to pay for a retest because of something simple and easily fixable.

Local Council MOT Test Centres

Did you know that many local councils have MOT test centres that are open to the public? They are used to test council vehicles but by law, the centres must also be open to the public. As their mechanics have no incentive to fail in order to bill for repairs, they are more likely to offer an honest assessment of your car, or at least needing fewer repairs.

Ask Other Drivers

There are many test centres around which offer a good, honest and reliable service but finding them can be tricky. Do your research therefore and ask other drivers for their recommendations. Mention any recommendation when you take the car in as garages will be keen to offer a good service if they know they are being recommended to others.

Shop Around

Depending on the state of your car, you could save by choosing where to get the MOT test done wisely. If it's a new car which is serviced regularly then go for the cheapest option and don't be afraid to ask the test centre to match a cheaper price you've seen. If the car needs work, then a council-run test centre might fail your car on fewer points which would be cheaper to fix, negating the re-test fee you'd need to pay the centre.

6. Failed?

You can still save. Many test centres offer deals such as free retests if you get the repairs done by them or within a certain time period, so ask about any retest deals.

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